Word of Pr. Fethi Maatouk

Pr. Fethi Maatouk

President of the Conference of Deans of Dental Schools of Africa
Scientific President of the ACDI 2020
Dean of Dental School of Monastir
President AEOM

According to the plebiscite of the General Assembly of the last Conference of Deans of Dental Schools of Africa (CDDSA) on 2018, Tunisia has the immense honor of hosting and co- organizing the third edition of the African Congress of Dentistry and Implantology (ACDI 2020) with the African Society of Dentistry and Implantology (ASDI).
This event is dedicated to bringing together all African dental professionals in a spirit of friendship, confraternity and sharing experiences and skills. It will be held on the 9th, 10th and 11th April 2020 in Monastir within the walls of the unique Dental School in Tunisia. Monastir, the birthplace of the first President of the Tunisian Republic (Habib Bourguiba), is a coastal university and touristic city in Tunisian Sahel. Named Ruspina in the Punico-Roman era, Monastir is one of the oldest Arab cities in Africa.
Alongside the ACDI 2020 will be held the 4th Conference of Deans of Dental Schools of Africa (CDDSA) and the 28th “Entretiens Odontologiques” of Monastir (EOM).
This conference will assist the dental schools in their certification process and will allow the mobility of students and teachers across the African continent by ensuring a standardization of academic curricula; it will also boost scientific research to meet the therapeutic needs of African patients.
As a must-see of Tunisian professionals, the EOM are a real platform for disseminating the papers of young Tunisian dental researchers. They will be able to claim an international dimension and close relations of rewarding cooperation, when associated with the ACDI and the CDDSA.
Finally, we must pay tribute to the organizing committees of the previous ACDI 2016 and ACDI 2018 and ASDI. Our Moroccan colleagues and friends were able to give an exceptional African dimension to these events both scientifically and organizationally according to international standards.
With the cooperation of all of you, we hope that these three events will be successful. Therefore, we count on all the good will to meet this challenge and to progress but, above all to allow our dear African guests to meet together in Tunisia in a pleasant and welcoming setting for friendly and fruitful South-South exchanges on the professional, social and cultural fields.
Tunisia, a land of peace, tolerance and fraternity, opens its arms and eagerly awaits all of you. Please be at the appointment! You will not regret it!