Word of Dr. Abdellah Squalli

Dr. Abdellah Squalli

President of the African Society of Dentistry and Implantology
President of the ACDI 2020

Dear Friends,
Following the recommendations of the 3rd Conference of Deans of Dental Schools of Africa presided by Pr. Fethi Maatouk, the 3rd edition of the African Congress of Dentistry & Implantology (ACDI 2020) will be held on April 9th, 10th and 11th 2020 at the Dental School of Monastir in Tunisia.
I can only be happy and delighted with this excellent choice since Tunisia is not only my adoptive country, but also the country to which I owe absolutely every positive thing in my personal and professional life. It is therefore an honor for me to return to my second country Tunisia and to participate with my friend Pr. Fethi Maatouk and his team in the organization of the ACDI 2020.
The ACDI 2020 will see the participation of 100 imminent speakers from the five continents. It will also host the third edition of the African Dental Expo 2020 (ADE 2020) where over a hundred of our international partners and sponsors as well as Tunisian companies of medical equipment and consumables will be present.
We will also have the honor and the immense pleasure to host during this congress the 4th Conference of the Deans of Dental Schools of Africa with its 42 dental schools represented by their respective deans coming from 20 African countries.
So dear friends, please join us at this meeting of excellence, conviviality and African brotherhood which will be in Tunisia the Green, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. A country full of history, known for its beautiful nature, its sweetness of life, its beautiful beaches, its desert and its oases as well as its extreme kindness, tolerance and hospitality of its great nation.
We look forward to welcoming you once again, so be there and see you soon.